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3×3 Tournament Rules

The basic rules of the 2021 Cyber ​​Basketball Tournament of Ukraine 3×3

1. A gaming console Sony PlayStation 4-5, equiped with gamepad, PS+ subscription and basketball simulator NBA 2K21 (Current Gen).

2. “Pro-Am Private Match” game mode for group matches and playoffs. “My neighborhood” mode for the final episode;

3. The team must consist of 3 players + 1 spare player in case of optional substitution (it is prohibited to include a player to the team once the registration is completed);

4. The minimum player’s age is 14 years old;

5. There are 32 teams participating in the competition. The number of teams can be changed by the organizer before the start of the tournament;

6. The minimum avatar rating is 90 OVR;

7. The tournament will consist of group stages with 4 teams in each group. Each team will play one game against all the teams in their group. The number of groups will depend on the registration of teams before the start of the tournament;

8. The team that takes the first place in the group goes to the play-off series; If the teams have the same number of victories and defeats, then the team that wins in a personal meeting will go to the next round.

9. There are 8 teams in the playoffs, 1 team from each group. If there are less than 8 groups, then the teams which took the first place in the group and the teams who are best with respect to the number of wins, losses, score and missed points (+/-), will go to the playoffs, regardless of their group.

10. The playoffs are played according to the Olympic system — up to two wins (WHO). Final Playoffs are played up to three wins (BO5).

11. The winner of group A plays against the winner of group H, B-G, C-F, D-E.

12. Participants of the tournament are required to broadcast all matches on their own streaming channels (YouTube or Twitch) and provide links of the broadcast to the organizer of the competition.

13. The captain or any team player is obliged to provide access to the match stream via the capture card on the organizer’s RTMP server or via PlayStation remote Play (priority is given to PS5 owners)

14. All team players must be in the same “PS4-PS5 party”;

15. All players on the team are required to provide the image of their face via vMix Call. Each team player will be provided with links to go to a device equipped with a video camera (smartphone, PC, tablet, etc.). Failure to provide the face image of at least one player will get the team disqualified.

16. All teams must be on their court 10 minutes before the start of the match.

Tournament game rules

1. All games are played according to the schedule, which will be announced after the registration of teams;

2. It is forbidden to leave the game during the match. It is obligatory to wait for the team to appear on the home arena.

3. It is prohibited to cancel or reschedule the planned matches;

4. After the end the match, the captain of each team must take a screenshot of the game statistics and send it to the organizer of the competition on a particular channel of the Discord server;

5. In case of not sending a screenshot of the match result by both teams, such game might not be approved. Two teams will receive technical defeats 21-0;

6. In case of a technical break in the match, if it happened through no fault of the players:

— the match starts from the beginning with saving the result until the break. Teams must keep the score of the same number of points and then finish the game;

— possession remains with the team that was in attack at the time of the break;

7. If one of the players is “out of the game” (because of technical problems), then the team has the right to finish the current game with the “bot”. If the team does not want to continue playing with the bot, then a rematch is assigned in accordance with clause 6;

8. Each team, before the start of the round, is assigned to a specific colored uniform;

9. It is allowed to use any avatar archetypes;

10. It is forbidden to change the team name, PSN nicknames and jersey colors. The jersey color will change with each stage of the tournament;

11. It is allowed to have your own team logo on the jersey;

12. The logo must not contain obscene, extremist, erotic content and any photographic images. The logo should not occupy more than 10% of the jersey area;

13. During the game, it is forbidden to express any disrespect to an opponent by:

— carrying out 2 or more attempts of throws from your own half in case of deliberately losing backlog or losing point situation;

— trying to drag out the game by any means, the result of which is already obvious;

14. The Judge of the Competition may issue the following sanctions:

— a verbal warning;

— a technical defeat in the match;

— a disqualification (suspension from participation in the tournament).

15. The violations for which a warning is issued:

— neglect of the opponent, the use of foul language, profanity, as well as negative and offensive comments to the referee or the Organizer;

— inappropriate behavior such as emotional reaction, throws from the center of the field, constant running out into touch, dragging on time (that is being in your own half of the field with the ball, without pressure from the opponent);

— inadequate reaction to what is happening in the game, too violent reaction to various moments in the game. Inadequate /violent reaction is determined by the tournament referee;

16. The Chief Judge of the Competition may disqualify a player:

— after two verbal warnings from the Competition referee;

— for leaving the game before the final whistle without the permission of the Competition referee;

— for appearing at the match 10 minutes later than the settled time without a valid reason;

— for proving false information during registration;

— for other violations of these rules of the tournament, for which there is a sanction in the form of a warning;

17. It is forbidden to use Badges «Heart crusher» and «Showtime».

Special conditions

1. Questions not regulated by these rules are decided by the Organizers of the Competition.

2. The Organizer of the Competition is not responsible for damage caused by the participants.

3. The Organizer of the Competition has the right to change and amplify these rules, while retaining the sports component and the spirit of the competition.

4. The decision of the referee that the match was interrupted due to the fault of the participant of the Competition may be appealed by the participant in respect of whom it was made. A written application to the Panel of Judges of the Competition must be sent to the e-mail address — ucbf.com.ua@gmail.com within 1 (one) hour after the adjudicated decision is rendered by the judge. The application must be accompanied by materials (including video recording of the match) containing supporting arguments and evidence. The panel of judges informs the participant about the decision by e-mail. If the decision made by the referee is canceled, the match will be replayed.

The date are:

June 12, 13, 19 — group stages;

June 20 — final match;

The prize fund is UAH 25,000

1st place – UAH 15,000

2nd place – UAH 7000

3rd place – UAH 3,000